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What Can I Sell To a Pawn Shop?

by | Nov 2, 2020 | Blog

Pawn shops all have extensive lists of things they will buy and things they will not based no their individual selling experiences. Generally it is safe to assume if something has a resale value that a pawn shop will be interested in buying it outright – or writing you a loan for said item.

While this is not an exhaustive list of all the possible things that you can sell to a pawn shop, this will at least give you a sense of the types of items you can bring in to FK Trade Co – and walk out with cash in your hands.

Gold / Silver / Precious Metals

Pawn shops will always buy or loan on anything made of gold or any other precious metals. What will vary from day to day are the offers that are made to you based on the melt value of your individual item. For example, as of the writing of this blog post, Gold is melting at $1893 USD. That number can change higher or lower on any given day – so it is important to note what the daily value is of gold when you are selling it.

Jewelry / Gold & Silver

Jewelry is always welcome at FK Trade Co. Branded jewelry will definitely get you better offers because of the stronger resale value. It is important to note, however, that we cannot always guarantee the best pricing for individual brands. The reason for this being things like competition, resale restrictions by brands, and salability of your jewelry when it comes in. One thing that we can guarantee, however, is that we will give you the best offer based on melt value for your jewelry item.

Luxury Watches

Our primary focus is on pre-owned luxury watches that range from $2500 and up. However, we make offers on watches at all levels of resale value. Whether you have a Rolex, Patek Philippe, IWC or a Tudor, Tissot, or Invicta we will work with you in making an offer. If you are looking to sell a luxury watch, we can make you the best possible cash offer. Our team has worked with luxury watches for a combined 15 years of experience. We’ve purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in luxury goods, and watches are high on the category of what we focus in.

If you goal is to get a loan on your luxury watch, we offer the simplest most comprehensive terms available anywhere in the South Florida area. Your luxury watch is safe in our secure location, your transaction is discreet, and your terms are clear and simple.


Our team has processed hundreds of handbags and authenticated many luxury handbags using the Entrupy service. We are well versed in authenticating brands and in negotiating the best possible price for you based on your goals. We especially enjoy Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Chanel, Coach, Burberry, and Prada to name just a few. You can always bring in a luxury handbag and get an authentication done for it. The Entrupy service is a leading edge industry standard in authentication and can be counted on to give accurate and speedy results.


If you are a collector, we buy and loan on all sorts of collectibles.  Sometimes you may need cash. You can leverage the market resale value of your collectibles and take out loans against the market value. Things like stamp collections, collectible coins, and collectible figurines all carry with them a resale value in the secondary market. We offer the best loan terms anywhere in South Florida, and our owner is an avid personal collector of figurines and of rare coin collections.

Power Tools

On any given day you will find hundreds of thousands of power tools listed online for resale. In the spirit of selling online, we purchase sealed never-opened power tools from all major manufacturers. Power tools can be researched quickly and they are a good item to sell. We do not offer loans on power tools, however we can guarantee we will make you the best offer possible.

Every Day Variety Items

We cannot “legally” or “ethically” give you a list of things we will and wont buy. The best thing to do is give us a call at your local FK Trade Co shop and we can tell you if what you have available for sale is something we will buy.

Below are more items that you can expect to sell at your local pawn shop. Make sure before you bring in your item – that you call ahead to make sure it is something they’ll make you an offer on:

  • Artwork
  • Handguns
  • Vehicles
  • Real Estate
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Health and Wellness Items
  • Financial bonds and settlements
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