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What A Pawn Shop Wont Buy

by | Oct 1, 2020 | Blog

sAlthough pawn shops buy a broad variety of things from customers, there are certain items that are a “no” for them because of a number of reasons like substandard condition of a certain item etc.

Stolen Property

First and foremost, stolen goods are never legally accepted or bought by Pawn Shops. If you are not the legal owner of any item, it is always best NOT to sell it to a Pawn Shop. The vast majority of pawn shops cooperate with local law enforcement, and given that you must present your ID and often fingerprints – it’s not a good idea to sell stolen items to a pawn shop.

Fake Non-authentic Goods

Pawn Shops go to great lengths to build their reputations. As such – they are not interested in non-authentic goods. As a business, pawn shops need to operate in a context of high trust with their customers. So a lot of effort will go into authenticating anything of value – particularly luxury goods. So if you know that your item is not authentic then it’s best not to try and sell it to a pawn shop. If you are unsure, any reputable pawn shop will be happy to authenticate it for you, and let you know.

Used Electronics, Video Games, and Movies

Used video games and DVDs are sold at a very cheap price in retail outlets and other thrift stores, so there is a strong likelihood that pawn shops will not show much interest in them and buy them from people. Furthermore, pawns shops also refrain from buying cell phones.  That is because these devices are often locked, and it is quite risky and dangerous for pawn shops to sell them.

Pre-Owned Guns & Other Types of Weapons

Guns can be tricky items as well since the pawn shop might or might not buy them. Unless a pawn shop specifically chooses to pawn guns, you are better off calling ahead to see if they deal in firearms. Casually strolling into a pawn store carrying a gun (even if you are just planning to pawn the thing) is not really a wise idea. Therefore, it maybe in your best interest to call ahead before you pay a visit!


Other items that pawn shops are not likely to buy include pearls, baseball helmets, crutches, basketball cards, sewing machines, fire extinguishers, oxygen tanks, radiators, broken TVs, grandfather clocks and phone cases.

That said, there are always exceptions to the aforementioned rules. Hence, it is best to check with the pawn shop in your local vicinity to learn what things they accept and what items they are likely to turn down. At times, a pawn shop that does not buy a specific item at all might buy it from you at very cheap price!

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