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Buying Jewelry At Pawn Shops

by | Oct 12, 2020 | Blog

The short answer is: Yes

Pawn shops are great places to search for jewelry at a below-retail discounted price. If you are in search of new jewelry – whether for a life milestone or for everyday wear, your local pawn shop will have a variety of pieces that they have purchased from the general public. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to checkout a local pawn shop on your next jewelry purchase:

Not Going To Pay Retail

Since pawn shops operate under the potential resale value of items – you can be sure that you will not be paying retail on a pre-owned item.

Jewelry Is Authenticated

Since pawn shop owners know that they are liable for reselling authentic jewelry – you can be sure that the jewelry you buy at the pawn shop has previously been authenticated. Pawn shops do not want the reputation for selling fake or inauthentic jewelry. If something says it is 14k or 18k gold you can generally rest assured that it has been authenticated as such. Reputable pawn shops are not interested in bad raps.

Variety of Selection

When you visit a retail jeweler you can expect to see a certain kind of jewelry. Since pawn shops receive their items from the general public – there is no telling what types of jewelry will be coming in. You may be surprised that you’ll see / find something you may have not even been thinking about at your local pawn shop. So for the variety of selection, pawn shops are a great place to shop for pre-owned jewelry.

Things To Make Sure of When Buying Jewelry at a Pawn Shop

There are some questions that you should confirm when purchasing jewelry at a pawn shop. These aren’t a blanket statement, but they are good starting points to understanding what your experience will be like.

  • Are there any extra expenses to repair any malfunctions of your jewelry – like clasps on a bracelet?
  • Are there extra polishing and cleaning expenses?
  • Can you customize the jewelry piece (if it is warranted)?
  • If there is an inscription, will you be able to remove it?
  • Will they shorten a chain or bracelet for you?
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